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Boot camp Able Archer - how to play Able Archer Armor 101

I wrote this little tutorial as first part here we will how basic Able Archer is played in this "tutorial" we will pit two understrenght tank companies againts each other  - T64BVs Company vs  mixed Cheftian/ Challenger company. We would use only basic mechanics is this first "tutorial" so no smokes, no overwatch we will show them in upcoming game which will be documented.
Overall view on battlefield Soviets are rolling from right while Brits from left for purpose of this easy scenario we will use last man standing.
In this game Soviets had 3 Platoons - Two platoons with 3x T64BV and one understreght platoon with 2 T64BVs. On other side British have one full strenght Cheftian platoon and understrenght Challenger platoon. Every turn (apart for rolling for persistent effects) begins with roll on iniative so lets begin there. To roll iniative both players roll two d6 and who have higher number can begin. In this case  Soviets roll eight (six + two) while Brits only 5 (three + two). So Soviets begin game first they activated  platoon in middle - sporting three T64s and move up them to the road from this position they will engage two tanks from Cheftian platoon (using move and fire order where you can move up to your maximum move and then fire)

When T64s were in position - i traced the range they were at maximum range but without cover which was good - that means i will need 7 to hit - not so easy task. (In Able Archer every vehicle has signature stat - it means how big target it is on battlefield and it means basic to hit number  in case of Cheftians and most of the tanks it is number 3. Since i was shooting on extreme range the modifere was +4 meaning i need to roll on two dices 7 or more. Also you should take note in Able Archer you do not target platoons but vehicles so you can target one tank with all of  your units in platoon  or target different vehicles in different platoon if you wish.
The fire was effective i hit both vehicles but only one shot was able to penetrate  (Every armoured vehicle have armour ratings  for front side and rear. every AT weapon have damage dice you roll againts enemy armour to see if shot penetrate enemy armor. for example cannon have 1D10 value againts armour 5 tank  i need to roll five or more to beat enemy armor.)
The shot destroyed Cheftian tank. (If your shot penatetrated you roll D10 on AFV table - and see what happen to target you hit but most shots are deadly.).

Now the Brits activate their platoon  - Cheftian platoon who just lost tank and choose intensive fire and return fire - Brits unlike Soviets have rating veterans which means they have -1 to hit target number number and their guns have usually longer range and using intensive fire give them another -1 to hit target number. While Cheftians were on long ronge meaning they will require 5 to hit ( Signature 3+2) but since they are Veterans -1 and on intensive fire another -1  they need only 3 to hit. unsuprisingly both tanks hit penetrated  armour destroying one T64BV and damaging second

If vehicle is damaged  it suffers negative modiferer on roll to hit  -3 and move only half of its allowed distance.

Soviets activated second platoon and move up on the hill to finish the rest of the Cheftians and open up - using move and fire order. obliterating another Cheftian. once again they engage at max range meaning they need 7 to hit (3+4 for range) but only one tank was capable to score hit but he pierce right through armour (he rolled 8) and then AFV damage he rolled 10 meaning tank brew up.

On AFV table you can roll for conditions - 1st is immobilisation - the vehicle cant move for rest of the game. 2nd is damaged. the 3rd is destroyed hull remains in place but smoke comming from it gives +1 to hit modiferer if firing goes through wreck. and finaly brew up target is elimanted and model is removed from play.

Now the Challengers make their move  and targets fresh platoon on hill since their needed only 4+ to hit (medium range and they are vets meaning 3+2-1=4 almost guaranteed hits they punch right through armor destroying but tanks outright - well one was destroyed second brew-up.

Soviet move 2 tank platoon along the road. first turn was completed no morale checks were needed 

The Morale is taken by infantry and by Company when taken heavy losses right now even they were lot of fighting no test was needed.

Second turn begun with iniativer roll - this time Brits were lucky and won the iniative - their player activate challanger platoon and sweep out the rest of 1st Soviet platoon - one T64BV and one damaged T64BV both were destroyed.

This loss means that Soviets will need  to roll company morale this turn. If they fail they will start falling back

Soviets activate 2 tank platoon to move on oposite hill then 2nd Platoon and engaged Challangers - but even they hit they cannot penetrate their superior armor (Sounds fancy but ther roll 2 and 1 on their penetration rolls)

Brits answered activating lone Cheftian and engaged lonely remnants of 2nd platoon but even he hit and penetrated he was unable to score better result than immoblisation.)

Soviet activated imobilised tank and return fire - but he was only able to damage enemy tank.

At end of this turn soviets rolled  for company morale they need rolled 8 or more - 7 is their basic target number since they are experienced and +1 for destroyed platoon. They roll 12 which is automatical success even if the target number would be higher.

In next turn T64s on hill again tried to hit Challengers but again they were not able penetrate their armor. The Challengers returned fire , penetrating and damaging one of them. Imobile T64 fired again on Cheftian but missed since he roll snake eyes - 1 and 1. Cheftian shot but missed too since he was damaged he required  6 to hit (3 signature + 3 for damage +1 for range -1 for being veteran)

the turn ended and Soviets rolled again and this time they failed and started retreating - they were cut down by advancing Challengers and Brits won costly victory for them.

There was no note about Command and Control but here is little about it every army have its own C2 Rating - British was veterans while Soviets were experinced. C2 is distance for coherency of units in Platoon, they also give CQ target number for morale and other test (like avoidance test when hit by artillery) and also target number to hit modiferer.

This gameplay article will hopefully enlight how basic game works, if there will be interest i will wrote more about more advanced gaming - Infantry Combat, Artillery, Air suppport.....

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