sobota 13. února 2016

Future of Able Archer

Able Archer is now standing stabile system while some armies are still on the way - Canadians, Italy,
East Germans. I need to think out about future of system.

First things first and that is battlegroup creation - so far the system is pretty cleaver but browsing ORBATs and toes and putting them into form then into list and making that list is time consuming a lot. so i was thinking about cleaver way how to player get list of equppiment he can use perhaps category (Tank/Transport/Infantry/Recce/Support/Command and so on) and then built up platoons it can maybe lead into some abusing but well dont play with idiots but i will then can make more nations and maybe make game more popular.

Instant Action
In modern wargaming most of players will write up scenarios day sometimes months before the game,  Able Archer has now some sort of scenario system but i see this possibility to improve this any idea how?

Different era or theatre?
As AA stands now Able Archer is meant for mid 80 cold war gone hot scenarios but there will be some hosting armies (like Chinese). There would be point to move up to different era or theatre like middle east or Ultra modern SHF scenarios (Ukraine crisis ignited US NATO war, Red Dragon rising scenarios and so on.)

And What do you like on Able Archer and other what do you hate?

Best Regards Jan

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  1. I'm probably AA's biggest fan and supporter, but I play solo and have no use for the army lists or battlegroup creation. I prefer to come up with my own scenarios or use detailed scenarios written by someone else. The scenarios in the AA rules are far too vague to be of much use to me. I'd love to see more detailed scenarios (orders of battle, locations, maps, objectives, victory conditions). More nations and settings would be nice too, but I've already used these rules to play an infantry game in Sudan including Israeli special's pretty easy to make adjustments. That's one of the things I love, along with the simplicity of combat and overall flexibility. I can condense it down to a man-to-man game if I want. I like the options of lots of weapon and vehicle stats. It's a great set of rules and data.

  2. we use a time frame ranging from the 80s to the 90s in the hypothesis that the Soviet Union has not collapsed and creating scenarios for Central Europe (FuldaGap), Northern Europe (Soviet invasion of Scandinavia), Southern Europe (conflict Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Turkey vs Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria with support of USA and USSR) you can also think about egypt syria israel palestine.