pondělí 8. února 2016

Eagle has landed! Poland in Able Archer

I dont intended to write Poland battlegroup as first new WARPAC army but my friend convice me to
do so.  So how this army is different? well they fields lots of units but they are badly trained, motivated,led and sporting outdated equipment but you can of course give them modern vehicles but still there is something appealing riding T34/85 and T55 againts modern NATO tanks. Mainly they offer very different gameplay if you compare them to GSFG or ČSLA.
But you can play PPA as Non-loyalist againts eastern players to simulate Poland uprising themed games which isnt half-bad eh?

I put some effort to make them different and hopefully players will enjoy this new Warpac list. but dont worry there are many to come, I planning now East Germans, Canadians, France and Italy in some near future - Canadians and East Germans are in half-way to be complete.

You can download list right here

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