pátek 4. října 2013

Revised backstory

ačkoliv značnou čast fluffu jsem měl napsanou už pro verzi 1.0 rozhodl jsem se jí předělat blíže k realitě aby
bylo jasné jak blízko jsme byli od absolutní destrukce, a zabývá se otázkou co by kdyby rusové vyhodnotili Able Archer jako připravu NATO na offenzívu v blízké době se objeví i český překlad ale zatím je to v Angličtině ale je to pouze několik rádek :) tento úryvek je určen pro armybook pracovně nazvaný Clash of Titans - Souboj Titánů pro tento krok jsem se rozhodl z prostého důvodu - postupně budu přidávat různé národy (Časem třeba Kanadu a některé druhosledové jednotky WARPACu).

Although i had fluff writen for version 1.0 of rules i decided to use story closer to reality to see how things could be screwed in few hours durning Cold war. new backstory is all about the name of game - Able Archer and what-if Soviets mistiken exercise for full scale invasion and launched preemptive strike. This will be included in armybook named Clash of Titans. As i hate armybooks it is logical for me because i plan to adding more and more nations which will be involved in World War 3 (sometime maybe Canada or some warpac 2.grade countries)

Every story have beginning
The Soviets took us by suprise, we have trained for many years, yet we still could not understand what was happening . When first Soviet tanks started rolling through border, many soldiers just stood there in shock and disbelief. Few officers of Blackhorse started organising desperate defense they would not give up without fight. -Memoirs of Captain Baker

It was year 1983 and Cold war has been ranging almost three decades and West-East relations are worst than ever after US president Ronald Regan labels Soviet Union as „Evil Empire“.
 In attempt to improve ballance in NATO favor USA started the Starwars project. In response KGB activity in western countries increase.
1.9.1983 Soviet Air forces shootdown Korean Airliner carrying Korean Airliner KAL007. US president condemns a „crime againts humanity“. Few weeks later, Russian spy satelite detects launch of several US nuclear missles, Soviet missle commands verifed  false alarm  and nuclear war was narrowly avoided.
25.10. US launches operation Urgent fury and invaded Communist country Grenada. USSR condemns as act againts international law.
2.11. Large NATO Exercise codenamed „ABLE ARCHER“ begins. WARPAC mistaking NATO maneuvers as a first stage of attack and launches preemptive attack agents NATO forces in West Germany. In middle of training exercise the NATO forces were completly unprepared. 8th Guard Army breakthrought Fulda gap and control the city within matter of hours. 11th Armoured Cavalry and Bundeswehr units defending area was defeated. To avoid destruction, surviovors are desperatly retreating to friendly lines, with Soviet army in thein steps.

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